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Hide and show blocks of content • React Native

While creating single page application or making dynamic forms, is it important to show or hide parts that we want the user to see or not.
We simply do this by adding variables in the constructor of the class :

this.level and this.status

Inside functions of the class we will modify the variables this.level and this.status.
We will display content by testing the value of those variables.
To do it, we will add { this.VARIABLE == VALUE && before the content we want and } at the end. For example :

How to get input text • React Native

In this article we will see how to get the user input text inside the <TextInput>, very simply.
In this example, we will be using a login page :

Login page

Add the reference for each TextInput at the top of your login class, inside the constructor :

Add references with React.createRef()

Then, put the ref tag inside the each TextInput.
Attribute this ref tag to each variable that have been referenced. Here is the example with this.logInput :

add the ref tag

Now you can get the value by using this.logInput.current._lastNativeText inside our code.