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Integrate Intune SDK to React Native project

This article is about my experience with integration of Intune SDK to a react native project as there is no official SDK provided by Microsoft for React Native.

Copy the SDK content in the /ios folder

Go to and download all the repository. Extract the content in a folder named “IntuneMAM” and put it in the /ios folder, same level as your *.xcodeproj file.

Run the configurator

In the root of the Intune SDK file, you should have the IntuneMAMConfigurator file that will be configuring the plist and entitlements automatically :

% ./IntuneMAMConfigurator -i ../PROJECTNAME/Info.plist -e ../PROJECTNAME/PROJECTNAME.entitlements 
2024-02-29 13:16:45.787 IntuneMAMConfigurator[36231:7276997] Success!!!

This is possible that you have rights issues (permission denied), to solve it you can do the usual chmod :

chmod 777 IntuneMAMConfigurator

Then, based on your needed, read this documentation:

Adding extra dependencies

Add the following dependencies to be sure the SDK will work:

  • MessageUI.framework
  • Security.framework
  • CoreServices.framework
  • SystemConfiguration.framework
  • libsqlite3.tbd
  • libc++.tbd
  • ImageIO.framework
  • LocalAuthentication.framework
  • AudioToolbox.framework
  • QuartzCore.framework
  • WebKit.framework
  • MetricKit.framework
These libs should be added

Drag & drop the .xcframework folders

Open XCode and drag & drop the xcframework folders to “Frameworks, Libraries and Embedded Content”

Drag & Drop these 3 xcframework folders that don’t start with “lib” (they are static frameworks)

Add the Keychain Group Intune MAM

Then In Signing & Capabilities tab, go in Keychain Sharing section and add:
Add the keychain group “”

You can notice that I also have added that is related to MSAL (Microsoft Authentication Library).

Add headers to your and AppDelegate.h


#import <React/RCTBridgeDelegate.h>
#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>
#import <IntuneMAMSwift/IntuneMAM.h> // <--- Add it

@interface AppDelegate : UIResponder <UIApplicationDelegate, RCTBridgeDelegate, IntuneMAMComplianceDelegate> // <--- Add IntuneMAMComplianceDelegate

@property (nonatomic, strong) UIWindow *window;


#import <MSAL/MSAL.h>
#import <IntuneMAMSwift/IntuneMAM.h>
#import <IntuneMAMSwift/IntuneMAMEnrollmentManager.h>
#import <IntuneMAMSwift/IntuneMAMComplianceManager.h>
#import <IntuneMAMSwift/IntuneMAMFileProtectionManager.h>
#import <IntuneMAMSwift/IntuneMAMDataProtectionManager.h>
#import <IntuneMAMSwift/IntuneMAMAppConfigManager.h>
// isEnrolledAccount : method to know if microsoft account is enrolled
    NSString *userIdentity = '';
    IntuneMAMEnrollmentManager *enrollmentManager = [IntuneMAMEnrollmentManager instance];
    BOOL isIntuneEnrolled = (enrollmentManager.enrolledAccount != nil);
    BOOL isMDMEnrolled = (enrollmentManager.mdmEnrolledAccount != nil);
    NSLog(@"Is Intune Enrolled: %@", isIntuneEnrolled ? @"YES" : @"NO");
    NSLog(@"Is MDM Enrolled: %@", isMDMEnrolled ? @"YES" : @"NO");

    if (isIntuneEnrolled) {
    } else if (isMDMEnrolled) {
    } else {

And you can have a look on the available functions for the library in the header files. Here are all the headers you can use in your code:

And if you go on each headers you can see that the documentation is very well explained for each API available, here is an example with IntuneMAMComplianceManager.h

Each functions have comments that explain how it works, you will have the read all depending of your needs

Hope that this article helps ! Don’t hesitate to rate & comment the article.

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